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Thursday, July 01, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you use Skype to chat from the internet? If you do use it then you are sure to have experienced mind boggling call disconnections during your chats, just like me. There were several incidences when my family at the other end of our chat sessions seemed frustrated while chatting with me. There were times when my husband couldn't get through to his clients, and sometimes even missed out on important deals due to disturbances during calls. But, now i guess we will be experiencing less or no more interruption during calls or chats with this innovative new technology by faceVsion.

If your're a Skype user, i bet their low quality video calls are a lot more aggravating. Don't you also think so? In this case, Skypes certified VideoCam, FV touchcam N1 from faceVsion can provide its users with a high quality calling experience. Something every user craves for. It will help users connect themselves to their business partners or families from anywhere at anytime, unlike most other so called high definition webcams like Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000 which cannot stream true HD over internet. The key to true HD quality video calls is a chip set built into the Touchcam N1 and dual microphones supporting beamforming techniques which offer excellent video and audio experiences to help enhance business partnerships or family relationships across the globe.

FV ExpressCombo includes the FV TouchCam™ L1, the iF award-winning VideoCam that features wide angle High Definition images at 30 frames per second for superb, crystal clear video calls over the internet.

You can check out the products from the faceVision on line store.


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