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Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm referring to none other than my new Flat screen... these days am back to watching my late night movies and serials/soaps which i used to watch back at the old home, before moving to my in laws for a few days, prior to moving to this new place few days ago. Staying at my in laws was tough as we had to abide by the rule they set! haha.. actually it was a good idea to switch off the television earlier than usual so that the kids slept early and are able to wake up better for regular school. But here the new place is huge and so i think after the kids and hubby are sleeping in the bedroom i get time to complete my online work as blogging or face-booking, and watching my favorite movies which i'm not able to during the day. The TV keeps me company at nights at least! and oh yeah, not to forget mentioning my late night snacks which i am not supposed to be eating, due to my treatment i'm still undergoing but, i still do anyway! limited amount though ;)

I Seem to be wallowing in the newest things offered to me in life and am loving every moment of my freedom if only i wasn't tied up to my treatment which includes medicines and harsh tests etc... but okay i should not complain, and don't even want to complain and keep let my happiness derive from my kids laughter and our new home :)


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