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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Its too disheartening today as the rains have washed away my plans of going out as always, and to make matters worse i was down with fever but thanks to god it was just mild fever and i was okay by evening. But why do the rains always wash away my excitement and happiness instead of my tears when i depend on it for survival... this way i always leave things undone by the end of the day. Its not that i hate the rains bu but i dislike anything which spoils my plans ;)

I penned down this poem to lift my own spirits and for all of you who are enjoying the rains and deem it a blessing in disguise. Let me know what you think about my poem, and your suggestions are welcome :)

Its raining a beautiful song of spring

Its raining, i see a rainbow for me, awaits
crystal droplets pour from the heavens gates
the orchids, roses, grass beds are glistering
the blossomed scene, a dancing me, reminiscing

Its raining, i feel the warmth of the sun
its leakage of rays, in golden shower has begun
darling buds of may, my deep anticipation
the gentle breeze ignites my tender passion

Its raining, i hear wind chimes in the distance
buzzing bees, butterflies, the pleasures immense
coupled birds of paradise join me in chorus
serene and mellow, some lyrics so melodious

Its raining, i smell the crisp earths crust
the nurturing grass lands, the breeze airiest
crushed out of flowers in spring that bloom
the essence, the fragrance of rich perfume

Its raining, never have i savored, so tantalizing
a scrumptiously prepared meal of picturesque spring
ingredients of crystals, rainbows, sun rays and ecstasy
blended with fragrance, bees and blossoms in serenity


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