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Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Haws. All opinions are 100% mine.

Switch on the television and you are shown hundreds of advertisements that make us want everything we watch on the idiot box, but then, we are also made aware of the latest and useful products in the market. Even though we keep switching between our choices, one always don’t come across great products like Hydration Station, which is a touch-free, filtered water dispenser for reusable bottles and containers! This unit perfectly fits for making people stay hydrated at schools, offices, airports, gyms or any other public places and has the ability to process tap water into great tasting pure water. It comes with easy maintenance and is user friendly. The hidden magnetic ‘lock’ only opens when the magnetic ‘key’ is applied in the right location. It is sensor operated, which means, placing a bottle or container below the nozzle allows the hydration station to automatically stream tasty, clean, and clear water into the container/bottle. Not meant for homes though, but it is perfect for green projects which eliminates the need for expensive plain bottled water or awkward five-gallon office water jugs.

Very often we get ill because of the lack of proper water arrangements at public places, like the gyms or workplaces. Dehydration can be really harmful, so be responsible for everyone's good health and if you are thinking of purchasing bottled water for your school or office, go ahead and try hydration station which is today’s answer to health-conscious lifestyles. Moreover, installation of the unit at public places will help save spending on useless one time use, bottled water.


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