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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Notice the image? hehe... that lonely ;)

Suddenly i felt like i was isolated from the world, probably a survivor of an avalanche, abandoned on a lonely island waiting to be hogged by savages! That's how i felt on FB last night when the apps suddenly disappeared and my contacts too. I felt a cold wind pass by me, so lonely.... my chat app was gone and my friends too! Even if there is no one leaving a comment or like, i still feel so connected just watching the updated status flowing/pouring in on my wall. I love reading and leaving a comments on my contacts walls, i know them or not. Fb is experiencing a maintenance error for some reason and i can see many sad faces out there....

Is that how addicted we 'all' are to Face book or is it just me? i guess we are all addicted, because i've seen how crippled one feels... i've felt it and i've also noticed it happening to other users. There are times food wont go down the throat or even if able to, wont be digested if Facebook is not working! literally or not, whatever you want to take it as (;)), but what i mean i bet none of us can actually stop thinking and dying (hehe) to update our status's or to comment on our friends posted status. Or even waiting to see friends online, or to get on the game app and begin our daily chores/activities on our farms and restaurants ;)

What will happen if one day we wake up to find FB is gone with the wind!!?? How would you react, i would really like to know.... :)


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