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Tuesday, August 09, 2011 Review

Do you think you should be a star in a theater play or a movie? Do you wish to be a popular singer or dancer? Are you an aspiring and promising model? Do you love doing commercials or maybe would like to join reality shows? Then is a website that you must visit soon!

No matter what talent you may have, will serve as your very own talent search vehicle. The website is an excellent platform to showcase your talents and to have access to key industry players that could help you land your breakthrough role.

Registration is very affordable for only $5 per month. By signing up, you get to create your own profile page that shows your profile image and other relevant information such as the contact details of your rep, your physical information, and many more. To help you further highlight your talents, you can upload as much as fifty images on your profile as well as audio and video files. You can also easily integrate your YouTube videos and link to your personal web site, myspace page, or IMDB page.

But the most important reason for signing up is the chance to be featured on the homepage of and access to casting calls, auditions, and resource directory. In the resource directory, you can access contact details of different people and companies who can help you succeed in your career such as agencies, theaters, TV producers, managers, dance instructors, casting directors, acting coaches, and many more. You can also view the list of casting calls and auditions that are posted by industry players, opening up more opportunities for you to try out your luck, skill, and talent in some of the auditions and casting calls.

If you are a casting director or a producer looking for someone who has the talent to be included in your next project, you can post casting calls and auditions for free. You can also choose to browse through the thousands of users and contact them through the details they have provided in their profile pages.

The home page is reminiscent of talent search shows like the American Idol, America's Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance. It is well designed and sleek. Navigation is very easy with the links that are clearly and visibly placed on the header.

It is only a matter of time before the reality talent show fever spills over to the internet and has surely bitten the bug. Sign up now, you just might be on your way to stardom.


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