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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Imagine the impact on a blogger/publisher who isn't paid by a website claiming they're genuine when they're not! First flooding our emails with assignments(paid reviews, tasks) and then backing off when the time came to pay back, that's for you. Its three years since i haven't received the payment i was supposed to be paid to my paypal account once i reached the threshold for the same. A few months passed with us trying to first contact them about the issue but i got suspicious due to no response from them, i realized i wasn't going to be paid! Later learnt by fellow bloggers it was happening with them as well. I tried once again emailing them BUT i was banned or my account was suspended ignoring even my pleas for payment i was deserving of. It was months of hard work when i was extremely dedicated to writing those paid reviews for the scam site, but little did i know of it until i wasn't paid and came across heaps of stories of not being paid on the Internet. I guess i wouldn't ever be paid because i didn't try to campaign against them thinking they would turn out reliable and pay me without having to campaign against them the way some of my fellow bloggers did and were also paid! But my patience and humbleness was all in vain as I'm still due to be paid almost more than $250!

Don't know if there is anyone left still writing for them because by now it must be known throughout the web how they have scammed us poor bloggers and raided us of our time and effort only to escape with our hard earned money (sigh).....

I wish i could parade them......... blah blah... :(


  1. Bluedreamer said...
    I'm a victim too... after not receiving my payment for months, and after reading other post stating that this site is nothing but a scam, i stopped working for them. I even sent emails directly to their advertisers ... still hopeless that i will be paid by them...sigh
    Nisha said...
    I know Blue, many of us are left in disappointment from those days of not being paid despite our efforts. Too bad, but i hope one day we find our dues in our accounts.. surprise! am still hoping for it :( :)

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