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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here again i introduce to the world the latest business opportunities, this time a series of a business services developed by Baker Tilly, one of which is termed financial modelling. Financial Modelling is about the financial impact of business decisions and is a top class repeated business service to its satisfied clients, offering clients cash flow forecasting, investment appraisals and evaluating complex business decisions.

A good financial model exhibits:

Clarity: crisp and relevant analysis of financial performance and key performance indicators
Robustness: transparent and logically sound model that properly reflects business fundamentals
Adaptability: flexible and upgradable to cope smoothly and rapidly with evolving business needs.

These services are handled by an expertise team of accountants, former bankers and trained analysts, but these are not the only services offered.

At Baker Tilly, additional services are also practiced in building expertise financial models though expert techniques and tools that help in minimizing risks in business solutions. They also provide the reviewing and evacuating product service to expecting clients assuring how a given model would work according to expected.

Apart from the services mentioned, they also provide tailored coaching and training support to assist clients to augment their in-house modelling capability.

So if you have the time don't forget to check it out, maybe an opportunity awaits you?


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