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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going shopping!

I think shopping and my heart begins to dance to unheard music! The joy of shopping has always been endless when you have pockets full and its a festival for which the shopping takes place. Well we are just about to end the period of fasting, the month of Ramadan, which will go on to bring in the festival of the muslims, Eid-Ul-Fitr. I wont talk about the festival but maybe in a day or two. For now i want to bask in the joy of the shopping i'm about to go for. I'm aware of how the malls are going to be jam packed as shopping will be done by all the busy bees for their families which be done in full swing.

I was dying to try out this new and latest perfume that's hit the market, let see! When'll i get the payments for the work done or even then, what is hubby there for... he he.. hes pockets full at this time of the year and its an added advantage when you know you've got some $$$ kept away for a rainy, you can always make the rain come down anytime ;)


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