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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Don't know how to fix some codes in my template which is causing a delay of my blog makeover. 31st of July, i gave myself a deadline.. lol.. but then i had completed the design by then, if only i didn't get stuck up for the code fix. Its days i'm trying to figure out where the culprit code is hidden in order to tweak according to the design. But in vain :( So freaking mind boggling is it trying to do something i'm not good at and never even getting next to anywhere.... i mean i'm dumb at understanding codes :(

I sent my link to one of the professional bloggers to see where the problem lies, lets see when i receive a reply so that i cant fix this soon and rid myself of the tensions and sleepless night(not literally but its a headache!). If this isn't fixed soon i wont be able to do a makeover soon until much later, for the more time wasted, the lesser the work done... i don't want my blogs to be under construction when my visitors come visiting.

Hope im done with this soon.. no wonder i was lazy to do a makeover for the last two years!


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