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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My first ever award given to me by a very lovable sweet guy Dann!..Thanks a million for the award:)i call him lovable because hes a sincere blogger friend whose out here to share love!! you must take a visit to his blog to know more.. Dann never fails to visit his friends blogs, leave his precious comments and his great sense of humor.. i love his sweet way of writing(wink) etc when hes commenting.even if by chance, i do miss out commenting for a day or on a certain post of Danns.. my sweet friend hasn't anything bitter in his heart, in fact he visits and leaves a comment as usual.Ive even noticed him this way with all his other blogger friends and as usual he keeps spreading love and humor.. so if you want to make him a friend too, don't waste time and do it.. for hes going be one of the greatest friends ever.. ask WALIZ!another best friend in this blogger world:)

WALIZ!.. was so happy when i gave her a friendship award which i had created especially for her.she comes across as, so down to earth and friendly and shes actually every bloggers friend as whichever blog you visit.. you see Waliz, Waliz everywhere:)

and now to mention a line or two about my other special blogger friends:)

RAAJJI!.. one of the first commenter's on my blog, i can never forget her for she is equally thanked for her support.not a post passes without her comments and i need to thank her in a special way she'll feel truly appreciated:)

AYUSH!.. ill call him one of the most cutest and caring bloggers till date.he used to be one of the most active bloggers around and his blog and contacts will amaze you.he deserves to be appreciated in a very special way too!:)

BLUEDREAMER!.. hes a cool and adorable guy by the way he expresses.. i was just there on his blog a few seconds ago and Omg! hes giving away awards that hes created for his friends(am included):)).. isn't that sooo exciting:)

BLUECRYSTALDUDE!.. hes writing a very interesting blog where one would tend to stop and think.. just read his recent post on hypocrites!!it got me pondering!:)

NAVIN!.. i started liking his blog when he wrote an outstanding post on prashant, the Indian idol 3.he keeps updating posts on what everyone would rush to read.

AKMAL!.. you better watch for the next writer and animal lover on the blog;) an intelligent guy and his blog speaks his intelligence:)


  1. Dann said...
    hi nisha..
    That was soooo tweet. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. A big congrats to you for the award and a big hug for you. always keep smiling and be happy. take care ;)
    waliz said...
    hi nisha...
    thank you for the compliment and u are also such a wonderful person tht i ever know in ths blogsphere..:D

    i think the others also think the same of u...congratulations for the award..u deserve it...muahhh!
    Nisha said...
    Hi Dann.. am so lucky too for having you as a friend:)

    Hi Waliz.. you too waliz.. but i still dont know what ya cooked for Dann;)
    Dann said...
    hi nisha..
    ya, I was also wondering what she cooked for me..hmm.. Well, a big muahh for waliz. Could you delivered this muahh to Waliz..?
    take care nisha, and always be happy. ;)
    Nisha said...
    hey Dann i will pass that.. but i have to ask waliz first, if i could pass it to her;) hehe
    bluecrystaldude said...
    lol. Thanks for the compliment. Yours should be the first to comment about my blog. And congrats on your blog. By the way, I had write recommendation about your blog before I read this post. Just to be clear. I am not returning your favor. The post are on my expense :DD
    Navin said...
    Hi, Nisha, it's great honor to be referred by friend like you and especially on your beautiful blog. and yeah, you inspired me to do the same, actually, i liked your way :) thank.. soon, i'm gonna feature you on my blog :)
    WritingsForLife said...
    oh my gosh! You are awesome! You just made my day. Thank you for your kind words... they are really appreciated. and of course.. thanks a bunch for the award!
    Anonymous said...
    Hey Nisha..thanks a sweet of you :)
    long time too..
    Anonymous said...
    congrats nisha you deserve it

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