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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love, what is it?

Today i'm in the mood to emphasize on the word love and its attributes. I wonder, why do people utter the 3 letter sentence 'i love you' without realizing the lack of ambiance that comes with it. Why do people mouth the word such many times a day as to keep lessening its significance and sensitivity each time. People should realize that actions speak louder than words so only if your intentional deed related to love are accomplishment or fulfilled towards the particular person or thing, that i believe, is true love. The attributes of love are sweet and genuine and we shouldn't alter even a tiny speck of it in our minds.


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    heya Nisha.. how are you my friend..
    it's nice to be back here..
    whew! that was a long blogging break for me..
    i thought I'm going to be in a hiatus mode forever LOL
    Happy blogging my friend and have a wonderful weekend
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    Unknown said... this world all we need is love..a love that is not mouthed is sometimes mistakenly perceived to just be a plain you, a character..i often say these words to my sweet one because i want her to know that i mean it..yes action speaks louder than words so it is void too if we say the words but couldn't do it in "i love you" should always be followed by the song goes "if tomorrow never comes"..we need to speak it all the time with action ofcourse..this site is a wonderful one..i like it..have a healthy day always and all the people here...
    Vimax Asli said...
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