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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Alisha turned 22 months on the 18th of August, just two months left for her 2nd birthday! I am so excited, as i've planned a hugeee birthday party for my doll. I have planned to create a fairy land atmosphere, in which shes be wearing a pretty lacy fairy dress and her cake will be of a fairy too. Its all going to be in my favourite color pink, light pink. And am sure everyone invited will enjoy the party tremendously. We had a very huge party for Aryan(my son) on his 1st birthday with around 500 guests attending, seemed like a wedding party:) I guess i wont be inviting 500 people but those that will be invited can be assured an enjoyable time. We'll have dancing, singing, games, feasting etc etc... dancing will be in free style with lots of English hits, as my family loves 'jiving', to the core...hehe

Now, back to the topic.. hehe.. Alisha had shown a great improvement in her English and shes now began to use words like Bike, car, colors, monkey, maggi(aggi), cat and some words she repeats instantly. The funniest word is Babb which she calls her brother because we call him by his nickname, which is bobby:).. so she keeps calling him as "babb, babb".. Shes changed from aao(hindi word for come).. to come and am the happiest mom;)

Shes been very quite fit(touch wood) since her convulsion, in fact shes perfectly fine and what else can a mother want:).. the only thing she prefers nursing to solids, but am hoping she'll soon begin consuming rice, dal and veggies in larger quantities.

Please let me know how you celebrated your child's first birthdays:)


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    bluecrystaldude said...
    Hi Nisha,

    Wow.. It seems like your blog attracted some important person from India. I hope you join her :) No. She's not paying me for advertisement. LOL

    Woww.. 500 guests? I am not sure mine could even reach 50. Haha. I guess my family not celebrating birthday bash so much. We usually will have a family gathering and eating out together. Simple and just nice :)

    Alisha's improvement on English was appealing! I hope she will gets even better along time :)
    nisha said...
    Hi richa.. will visit the community and join:)

    Thanks so much for taking time to visit and comment:)
    nisha said...
    Hi bluedude.. those comments made me smile:).. ya i will be joining them soon, lets see whats its all about.. i guess am not professional types, but yet..hehe

    I know 500 is large figure but Aryan was our first son child and we were so excited.. we also normally have just family get-togethers, nothing more:) We are also simple and nice.. hehe

    I wont be inviting 500 people this time but the party will be huge in way that the lesser people, the more enjoyment they have.. Its going to be one huge entertaining party:)

    Alisha's learnt many words which she rarely uses, but i just remember only those.. hehe..
    Anonymous said...
    hi Nisha, 500 guests attending your son's first birthday party? oh, I can't imagine it.

    We celebrated my girl's first birthday party at A&W. It's a simple one and we only invited around 40 guests.
    coolingstar9 said...
    I am very happy to know that alisha enjoys learning English and has a great improvement.
    Hope you can take some photos during her 2years birthday and post it on your blogs.
    Wishing your family well, please do not forget to tell alisha that coolingstar9 sending regard to her, I wish her happy, healthy always.
    cheths said...
    oh so nice :) wishing Alisha on the special day in advance :)

    @Nisha could we exchange links? as i found your blog nice I've bookmarked it and would follow it :) please do comment on my blog too :)
    twinks said...
    Hi dear,
    Thanks for your comments..we are feeling better lil girl is back to her old bossy self now..hehehe.

    I'm so excited for baby Alisha's birthday..yeey! as a mom we always treasure every single moment that involves are child. For sure she'll grow up into a lovely lady, having a mom like you.
    take care :] mwahugs!
    Syari said...
    Bonnie's first birthday was the simplest. We bought a tiny cake just for her. Both of us the mommy and daddy didn't feel like eating cake. We celebrated only the three of us.

    Her birthday was in the midst of our making a big move from Malaysia to Hungary. House was in a mess. Boxes here and there. LOL

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