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Friday, August 08, 2008

Reflections Of Darkness

I welcome you to Reflections Of Darkness, a blog which reflects the inner side of the light hearted author Hari.. i guess the others would call you harry! he he.. The moment i landed on the blog i burst out into laughter at the picture posted on the most recent post.. the pic has Lk Advani and Sonia Gandhi posing as the screen pair Akshay kumar and Katrina Kaif from the movie 'singh is king' and its in a pretty filmi style pose!! hahaha.. that's ridiculous.. and funny too. Seems I liked your blog just at the first glance:)

Ok, now Hari has loads of pretty interesting posts about unknown facts, some tips and lots more which am sure his visitors shouldn't ever get bored while on the blog. The layout is in black and orange which matches the ads and other widgets well. I liked the large shout box where hes got lots of friends leaving him wonderful encouraging messages and loads of blogger buddies too! Though you are quite new but sure you will make it big in the blogshpere asap because you have that talent to blog:)

I actually noticed that Hari loves playing cricket, but time makes us forget our one time passions.. we should wish him all the best to continue playing cricket and maybe his passions would make him a star one day! Keep posting more Hari.. wish you all the best in your blogging journey:)


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