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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yogi's weblog

I have noticed a drop of pr on most of the active blogs, yet Yogi's weblog maintains that pr4 even now and i wonder what, how come??.. i then realized that exceptionally written posts and beautiful pictures gaze at me within the pages on his blog and that's why i consider his blog as comes as one of the best:) Adding to that a simple, neat look always impresses!

You must take a look at the the largest fountain in Dubai picture post.. amazing pictures, and more than i admire the pictures i admire the fact that you did a great job in getting those images out to us, yogi.. a proud fellow Indian, i am:)

Yeah, that's true, my friend is from India.. the place where i belong too! not to forget to mention that he also has posts on India.. some more interesting posts on his blog are that of wallpapers, windows shortcuts and tips/tricks, stories, about the Olympics 2008 etc etc.. there is lots, lots, and lots more..

So now you know what is takes to maintain that pr? even i couldn't maintain this pr4 blog of mine, and i learnt my lesson from yogi:)


  1. yogi said...
    hi Nisha.... thanx a lot for your post about my blog.... god bless you.... take care.
    nisha said...
    Hi yogi.. that was quick:)

    I have just been through the post and saw a few errors, will correct that soon.. got a stressful life, you see;)

    I just want to say, i really love your blog for its beautiful content and neat look:)
    Liza said...
    i admire and envy yogi, lol. i wish my blog could maintain the pr too but it goes up and down, pr4, pro, pr2, pr3 and now back to pr2 again.

    btw, i have tagged you and i hope you don't mind..

    Syari said...
    Real nice blog. :) I call my fav cousin Yogi too. Short for Yogita. My aunt named her after Yogita Bali. :)
    coolingstar9 said...
    It is good to visit yogi blog. I believe writing good contents will help to increase Page Rank.
    Surely, one day your page Rank will increased.
    Take care always.
    nisha said...
    Hi liza.. i hope my pr rises soon, no matter what.. hehe.. I think you work hard so you deserve a good pr.. ask me;)

    Thanks for the tag sis:)
    nisha said...
    Syari.. oh! i think she may have a fan of hers.. even these days the trend seems to stay:)
    nisha said...
    Coolingstar.. for pr, i guess the amount of backlinks counts too.. i've read about this somewhere.. but content, is the most important part of a blog.. if theres no proper content.. people will stay far..

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