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Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is a very special award is for all my blogger friends, old and new.. I am very happy to have gained such wonderful friends who've captured a very special place in my heart. Infact i am the one who should be extremely thankful to them to have allowed me that special place in 'their' hearts:) If it weren't for them, where would i be? Just in some lonely corner of the blogosphere.. I haven't been a very active bloggger this year due to circumstances but my blogger buddies were always encouraging. Everybody wants to have friends worldwide and i consider myself pretty lucky that i was able to live my childhood dream...

Special words to my friends:
Each of you have been very kind and encouraging, which i will always be grateful for. You have touched my life in so many various ways that my world is changed for the better.. No i am not going anywhere, am here to stay, friends.. but since some of you have been with me from the very start, some are my newest friends and a few of you have left.. i though there would be no other special way to let you know that i appreciate and love you all.. I will always cherish every compliment or advice you all had for me and deep inside my heart each one of you will remain, forever.. Thanks a million, friends:)

This special award goes to(In alphabetical order)..
Aunt Nora, You have been my inspiration right from the start, you are an amazing mom..
Ayush, You are missed but cherished, come back again..
Azlynn, You and Aish are an awesome mom/son duo..
Bluecrystaldude, You are one outstanding blogger i have ever come across, wish you loads of success..
Bluedreamer, Your the star in the blogosphere, you have lit up my world in multiple ways..
Sweetiepie, You are also missed deeply but your kind words will always remain in my heart..
Coolingstar, You always spread love and kindness, wish you reach the stars..
Dan, You are also missed but cherished, where ever you are, wish you success..
Jc, Your a terrific mom to your boys, whom i admire too much..
Jay, You have dreams, let me share them with you..
Joy, Your life and belief in god is truly worth admiring..
Kc, You blog incredibly, i have smiled many times while on your blog..
Laliane, Your life and kids are always a delight to read about..
Lilyruth, Your love for dogs truly makes me wonder if you are an angle in disguise..
Liza, You are a one fantastic, fabulous blogger and sister/friend who i wish to be like..
Makemoneyonline, Your young and so motivating for many others, may all your wishes be fulfilled..
Martini, Your life is so interesting to read, an awesome mom and friend you are..
Mica, You are also missed on my blog, wish you great achievements..
Micheal, You an amazing father, friend and blogger..
Mr viruz, You are also missed and your comments and advice will always be with me..
Navin, Your comments are missed but am always wishing you great success and happiness..
Nihal, Your blogs were wonderful and motivational, please come back to blogging again..
Purplefrogcat, Your blogs have been read and i love the amount of entertainment you create on your blog..
Pinay mommy, You are a popular blogger mom and a great inspiration to all other mums.
Raaji, You are one talented writer, the way you put down your mind into words is simply remarkable..
Syari, Your friendship is deeply cherished and your encouraging words always linger in my ears..
Twinkletoe, You are an extremely talented designer and you seem to awake my dreams to be a designer myself..
Vhiel, Your designs are greatly admired and the contests that you host on your blog are pretty attractive..
Waliz, You were the person i have been most close to since i started my blog. Your lighthearted personality and comments always made me smile, and i deem you one of my best blogger friends..

Please use the code for the award friends.. as its linked directly to my photo bucket account, as a prevention of loss and pleaseeeeeeeee enjoy the award too:)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Thank you so much for remembering me Nisha. Due to huge professional commitments...i am unable to please forgive me. Its very kind of you for appreciating me like this.
    Thanks again Nisha.
    Lots of love..
    Anonymous said...
    your site is interesting to visit!!!!!
    Have a look on my two sites too.......
    bluecrystaldude said...
    Wow.. you so kind :D

    I think I have to expend my award gallery after this. *wink wink*.. Thanks again Nisha :) I wish you to have lot of success in your life too!
    Iris said...
    Hi! Nisha,

    I tagged you for the meme, please visit my and have added you to my link as you have requested i hope you do the same.

    Syari said...
    Hi Nisha! Thank you for this award. I'm touched really. :) I will come collect this award soon as I get some work done. Hugs to you and the kids. :)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    ohmy im totally speechless iam so happy to have you nisha
    i really love it
    and you are so sweet for giving all of us even the inactive ones a precious award like this you are so creative
    and do you know what i just tracked out that Mr Viruz is back!!! he sent me an article for my be my guest portion and its a sign that hes back nisha hooray!!!
    i just not sure of his present URL after he deleted his blogs
    hmmmm i should ask him for that
    by the you might want to see who are those solo performers that gain much popularity as they leave their group of where they came from at my blog
    hope to see you there
    more power and God bless
    nisha said...
    Ayush.. i really miss the sweet comments you used to leave for me:)

    I can understand work pressure but hope to see you here, sometime again:)
    nisha said...
    Yuva.. you still spamming, right? hehe
    nisha said...
    Bluedude.. i saw your award gallery.. and wow! hahaha i think you need to expand the gallery soon:)

    Thanks for the kind wishes, wish you the same buddy:)
    nisha said...
    Iris.. thanks for the meme and the comment.. ive added you too and want to say that i love your beautiful and interesting site:)
    nisha said...
    Syari.. am glad you liked the award as its the first time for you:)

    Thanks so much dear, for being a wonderful friend:)
    nisha said...
    Bluedreamer.. am so happy that i can at least show appreciation to my friends in this way at least.. even the inactive ones remain in my heart, always:)

    So nice to hear about mr virus.. looking foward to his new blogs soon:)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    great me too im looking forward to his blogs i wonder whats he's new theme
    purplefrog said...
    Thank you Nisha...Sorry that you haven`t been blogging much...Hopefully you can come back fulltime again soon..Glad you like my blog...I like yours too..Catch you later and i dropped a card on you today...
    KC said...
    WOW.. Am so touched ! Thanks a loot Nish ! :) U are one of the very few fellow Indian blogger freinds that i have ! :) I ll post it right away ! :)
    Anonymous said...
    It's a great friendship award! Thank you very much, Nisha. I am so lucky to meet you in the blogospehre :)
    (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...
    aww... thank you so much for the wonderful remarks and the award. :-)

    Makes my day!

    Vhiel said...
    thanks for the kind words and award nisha.. ;)
    Liza said...
    OMG! Nisha, I am so touched. Thank you so much sistah. I knew from my heart you are one true friend. *hugs*

    i will post it soon :)

    take care.
    coolingstar9 said...
    Wow, this special award, I like it very much. It really warm my heart.
    You have so many special friend, I am really happy for you, I wish all of them can always support you so that you do not feel lonely. Of course I will support you by consistently visit you whenever I free.
    Have a beautiful life, best wishes from coolingstar9
    Noemi "Mica" Watson said...
    thank u for the beautiful award..i appreciated it. but hey' u leave me message in my cbox and call me martina..hehehehe, that's ok i thought that was funny
    twinks said...
    Hi Nisha,
    ohh...yeey! thank you so much for this wonderful and special award. I am deeply glad to be of an inspiration to you. Thanks again for the friendship. mwahugs!

    Ciao for now :]
    nisha said...
    I wonder too blue:)
    nisha said...
    Purplefrog.. i wish i hadnt missed out on that 40 days in a stretch.. I was moving home and just couldnt help it;)

    Thanks for leaving the precious comment:)
    nisha said...
    Thanks Kc.. i just the post and am so happy that you are from india too!! hehe..
    nisha said...
    Thanks martini.. i am also very glad to be friends with you:)
    nisha said...
    Raajji.. you really deserved the award, as the amazing writer in you always makes 'my' day!:)
    nisha said...
    Thanks liza.. you are also one true friend/sis and i truly admire the way you blog:))

    And i guess i still cant figure out how?? hehehe
    nisha said...
    Hi coolingstar.. am also so happy to have so many friends, all are special in every way:))

    Each one is so unique and cant be compared, ever.. they're all truly so supportive of me and i love them all, including you!
    nisha said...
    Oh did i mica? maybe was a little stressed but hey wont i forget mica, ever? not possible no?

    Thanks so much for appreciating, dear:)
    nisha said...
    Hi twinks... you are an inspiration dear, am taking a new pc.. just for photoshop and its all b'coz of you!!:))

    Thanks so much for being my friend:)
    waliz said...
    hey nisha..thanks for the award...u always make such a beautiful one..and i still show off your first award at my beautiful and glimmering...nobody can beat your award so far nisha...and psssst ...till now i dont know how to make one..thats why i keep receiving but never give to others...i'm sorry Nisha..i can never return back your kindness...!
    Liza said...
    hi sis! i've posted the award here

    thanks again *hugs*
    twinks said...
    hello dear,
    posted this in my blog..thanks again for the thought..

    glad to hear that you are into photoshop now..hehehe. you'll get there.. :] take care.. kisses to pretty Alisha!

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