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Friday, August 01, 2008

Have you noticed that mybloglog has got a new green shade look? its gone from green to greener, isn't it? one thing everyone has noticed or its only me.. i was searching for the my recent visitors and there it was right below my profile picture section and above the sites section which i think it should of been below the sites section.. but we would notice it anyway:))

They've made many changes since the time i joined in 2007 and its for the better, now that's it more easier to navigate. of course the changes i liked were that the hot members have increased from 4, to 6, to 8! and many more. I don't like one thing, the fact that they've added the myblolgog action which shows every member's actions on the community! its not acceptable to me and i don't know to how many others, too.. I mean the latest post in okay but not the adding and messaging members action. Agree or not?

Anyway i love their community and am always looking forward to joining new blog communities and in return, want many more members to join mine. so will you join my community at today? Your are most welcome!:)


  1. Hicham said...
    Nisha, it seems that MyBlogLog implemented a 'new look' for the system which cause this for all users.

    As for actions, I think you can disable them from the settings so why don't you check?

    p.s. I can see myself in the screen-shot so prrr :S
    nisha said...
    I was just sharing my opinions;) They rock!! the best community, you know:)

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