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Friday, August 22, 2008

My top paid to review sites

Hey i got paid by snap bomb.. a very good paid to review site and guess what they paid after more than two months since my first post for them! Yet am so glad that they did pay at least.. I stopped blogging for them at $62 but then now am assured that they're sincere just like payperpost, another paid to review site. When i saw the amount in my pay pal i wasn't surprised at all, as ive heard from about they late payment from many others and am happy that they're genuine with me also.. hehe..

So anyone looking to join some ways to make money, just join some pretty good paid to review sites..
..The best site so far, because they have plenty of opps to choose from and they pay monthly. They pay min $5,$12,$15,$130 and more.. I lost two $109 and $135 opps this month:(
.. They pay not less than $10 for a review and the unbelievable thing is that they never rejected even one post! I like that they pay in bulk:)

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog
.. Has less to offer these days but they pay $6,$8,$10 for a post and they pay every week after the post approval.

.. The same bidding system but they have a large number of opps and they're paying fairly. There are advertisers lined up to be reviewed.

Social They have lots of opps for US bloggers, but even then.. they're fair. They pay monthly.
.. You have to bid for posts and even though i did win some bids i couldn't complete the tasks. I haven't been paid even once by them! hehe

bloggersreview.. A site launged few month back, but i got my first campaign, today, after two months of signing up.. but i think it should pick up.

This post will be updated as soon as i find more useful sites:)


  1. coolingstar9 said...
    Wow, so many site that can make us earn money.
    It is really good to join all these services. It not only brings us joy plus some extra money, thanks for the wonder of internet.
    Wish you work hard for it, have a beautiful life, best wishes from coolingstar9
    twinks said...
    Hi Nisha,
    congrats.. at least they paid you.
    I am a member of the above sites as well, except for Snapbomb.. hmmm..maybe I will join too. hehehe..
    It is really great that there are sites such these, at least you can earn some extra bucks, which is really great.
    Take care! cheers!

    Ciao for now :]
    Cindy Leong said...
    Great to hear that you earned from these sites.

    I signed up for all these websites, but I never get any opportunity from them. Any good advices?
    nisha said...
    Hi coolingstar.. i really enjoy these sites alot.. internet is great!! :)
    nisha said...
    Hi coolingstar.. i really enjoy these sites alot.. internet is great!! :)

    Snapbomb rocks too! believe me:)
    nisha said...
    Hi Cindy.. I saw you wrote post for snapbot.. am sure they will pay.. and if you have written for others sites as well, they will pay after one month of post approval

    But in case you are not able to write, am sure you are not being in time to grab the opps.. and due to pr0 blog of your, you maybe getting less opps compared to high pr.. i was pr4 before and i use to get plenty of high paid reviews(opps), now am pr0.. and its a hassle to keep refreshing the pages to grab a opp.. but am sure you will be paid once you start writing for the sites above.. i have many more sites from where i earn, will let you know if you're int:)

    Take care, and hope you are enjoying marital bliss and being a new mom:)
    nisha said...
    Sorry Cindy, that was snapbomb:)
    Cindy Leong said...
    Thank you very much for your advice. Ya, I would like to know more about the sites which you earn from, do tell me!
    harry seenthing said...
    i think is not active now. oplease correct taht

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