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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Alisha who turned 23 months(on the 18 of Sept), is totally adored by her parents for all the sweetness, cleverness and funniness that she possesses. These days shes pleading me, says "peash, peash" and no, that's no french word for me but simple English which actually means please, please.. and she does it so cutely with folded hands when she needs anything and am not paying attention! hahaha.. shes been watching her elder sibling Aryan do it several times when he needs something to be done and now shes coping him without knowing the meaning, or maybe even knowing.. and i cant imagine how clever babies are getting:)

Her new words this month are baby, bum, com ma(come here), butter, jam, cat, birdie, bath, go, bobby, die(buy), bread, poto(potato), rice, boo boo(ghost), kool(school), wata(water), poll(fall), catsh(catch), as i remember more of the past months.. ill update:)

She watched any baby on TV, she points and says momaiya(that's me), papaiya(her papa) and baby(herself) and of course still dances like Jennifer Lopez and Malaika Sharavat(she gives those bum shakes).. hehe.. her favourite kids serial on tv is Krishna(Indian god), tom and jerry, bheegi billi and bheem( a child character) on cartoon and pogo channels. I forgot shes crazy over her boyfriend 'BEN TEN' for shes always mumbling ban tan, ban tan.. and shakes her bottom, hips when the title song plays:)

Loves drinking Pepsi and eating chips, also loves butter so much that she eats spoons of them.

Hates to tie ponytail(sigh).. i always wished to tie beautiful ribbons on her ponytail but shes always nods her head and screams at me:(.. even if i succeed, she tosses it. Am growing her hair for her birthday and i hope she allows me to do her hair. Anyone got any idea? mommies, come on , give me some useful ideas please;)


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    hehe hey tell her i love watching ben ten too haha
    i wish all the best for your alisha nisha.. have a great blogging day
    twinks said...
    Ben Ten! oh my lil girls are going crazy about lil Fabia too!

    Baby Alisha is such an adorable baby. Isn't it amazing how their little-funny ways can make us Mom laugh for joy? hehehe..

    My Fabia loves drinking Pepsi too.. hahaha..

    Have a great day :]
    nisha said...
    Bluedreamer.. shes like crazy, as she awakes she keeps repeating ben ten, ben ten.. and shakes her butt along too! hehe
    nisha said...
    Twinks.. wow, both our kids enjoy the same drink;)

    There is no joy, other than watching ones kids play and behave funnily.. and especially when they shakes their little butts:).. hehehe.. am sure darling fabia must have done it too:)

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