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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I remember there used be a huge green bed of land surrounding my home as a child, where a a huge garden lay right in front of my house and it used to be there, that i spent most of my time while on vacations from boarding school.

My mom used to do her gardening whenever she was free from caring for my brother who was little at that time, and she loved all the flowers too, like her own children:) believe me, when you talk to your plants or sing to them, they grow better. Seeing her, i used to be loving them too and observed they responded by growing beautifully!We grew lots of other plants other than flowers but that i'll be posting few posts later.

I had my own side of the garden where i experimented with my plants but as I couldn't dig into the ground, my mom got me gardening pots to do the job. I used to add layers of mud and other mixture into the pot, then plant the seeds below a final layer of mud, but thank god, i never needed to water the plants because my maid done the needful every morning/evening. I couldn't be carring water all the way to he pots;) It would spill and get me a trashing.. hehe.. But yeah when the plants grew way big to keep growing in the pots, mom put them into the ground:)

The garden was always attractive with seasonal plants all throughout the year, like roses, water lilies, marigold, balsam, bougainvillea, bleeding hearts, anthurium, sunflowers, carnations, jasmine, china rose buds, and lots more.. I use to chase away the butterflies from the flowers thinking they were eating them up! hahaha


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