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Saturday, September 06, 2008

I am a big fan of reality shows, currently a very big fan of big boss season 2.. but before i posted something about the show when it first appeared on air, i thought of watching the first few episodes.. was watchable then, but its beginning to take on a pretty boring twist.. at least compared to season 1.. big boss is the Indian format of the international celebrity big brother. Year before last, Shilpa Shetty landed up at the Big Brother house.. this year it was Jade Goody at the big boss house. The difference was that Shilpa won the big brother show while Jade had to unexpectedly, leave the show within two days of her stay, due to a diagoinsed cancer.

I was very excited when i knew she'd be staying along with the Indian inmates. I wondered what it would be for a foreigner to live, and eat Indian spicy food along with the others and even cook, clean and play childish games at the big boss house.. Oh it would've been quite amusing really, if only.. jade stayed back..

Rahul Mahajan and his two lady love/friends, Monica Bedi and Payal Rotahgi are some of the interesting inmates on the show. The blooming love story between Rahul and Monica, or Rahul and Payal? Sorry to say one of them was voted out on Friday! The other inmates, don't talk about them.. they all two carefull and alert this time.. I feel, they're wearing on plastic personalities all the time, because none is trying to open up and create a blast at the house. I mean, being locked up inside a house not able to see the outside world, who wouldn't want to go out of the way to have fun.. Sambhavna, a dancer does create some fuss, tantrums and that's what livens up the show. but the rest does get on my patience. Doesn't everyone have a different side, especially in different situations? But no, they're trying to be their level best, and having appeared on TV, all of them are very good actors i must say(with anger.. he he)

I think if they aren't going to open up, at least big boss should do something to bring out the different sides in them. The show should turn bold, spicy and lively!! Big boss do something please.. I think you got the season one to play bold games, why such childish games this time? I admired Rakhi Sawant in the season 1, for allowing us to know a completely different Rakhi, other than the bold one we knew.. A tantrum queen and down to earth Rakhi.

Which personality is about to impress us this time? lets wait and watch.. a long way to go.. wish to see Shakti Kapoor, Sherlyn Chopra, Jhanvi Kapoor and other popular people on big boss.. and yeah, am still a big fan of big boss:)


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    oh so as here in Philippines the First adaptation for this Big brother was very good and exciting but the the other season turned out to be so boring too
    bluecrystaldude said...
    I never watch it! I really want to see it though. I read about it all the time, I am sure it must be amazing :)

    TV reality always boring after a second season or so. Hehe
    coolingstar9 said...
    Wow, you like to watch big boss series.
    I hope the new bog boss series can be more interesting so as to let audience feel joyful and have some exciting feeling.
    Take care, nisha.
    KC said...
    I din get the chance to watch Season 1 !! But am now hooked on to Season 2 ! I love the show ! :) Only thing i hate about the show is that Sambhavna !!! Man , she is such a manipulator !

    Anyway , I too have a post now on Reality shows ! Have a look :)
    Anonymous said...
    I never gte chance to watch season 1..but i m completely addicted to season 2.
    i luv every bit of it.
    can sumone help me with season 1.. I want to download it.

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