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Friday, September 19, 2008

Yesterday marked the completion of 23 months of baby Alisha and its time i put up a countdown to her birthday which is about a month from now.. i have started planning out the guest list, food menu, decorations, snacks and drinks list, what we would be wearing and what my baby will be wearing because i don't want to miss out on a single wish of mine.

I remember we didn't have anything big for her on her first birthday, it was just a simple party with a cake, some snacks and we had it at my mom-in-laws place where i was staying at that time. No one, except my brother had come. In fact we had planned it that way. This year i am so happy and energised to go shopping for a double excitement, as its not only her birthday but before that we will be celebrating Id-UL-fitr(will write about it soon)

Will also update this post as plans start to take off..


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    oh thats great so a month from now yoour alisha will turn 2 right ...time run out so fast do yah?
    but then lets me greet your baby a happy 23 month birthday
    bluecrystaldude said...
    Hehe.. Can't wait for the plan to take off!I hope she will has a wonderful birthday bash!
    liza said...
    you must really be excited about the party. good luck with the preparations ;)

    don't worry about not visiting me often sistah, i totally understand and im sorry too that im not able to visit you often.

    thanks for reminding to add you, i have updated the link. my bad, hehe.

    Anonymous said...
    hi Nisha, time flies, your baby girl will turn 2 soon, you must be very excited :)
    KC said...
    So is that on Oct 18th ?? I ll be back on that day to greet the cutey :)
    twinks said...
    Oh my! Cutie Alisha will be 2 soon..
    I bet its going to be a blast.
    excited here...hehehe

    Dear sorry if I haven't been here that much, I was sick for a week and decided to slow down a bit until I'm fully recovered.
    Thanks for always visiting my site. :]
    take care dear. kisses to Alisha.
    Robin and Emz said...
    hi there! you've got a really nice blog.. very informative:) i dropped on your ec today. hope you can visit my blog and drop and ec too.. happy wednesday!

    my advance greetings for your baby's coming birthday!
    nisha said...
    Thanks so much bluedreamer.. its so exciting and ive already been going shopping for the party this month;)
    nisha said...
    Thanks bluedude.. you can imagine how excited i am!!
    nisha said...
    Oh liza.. thanks for understanding, am always so busy and when i get time i just post quickly.. hope i can be more active on commenting.. i also understand you;)
    nisha said...
    Martini.. time really flies! she was just a little born two years ago.. now shes my grandma.. hehe
    nisha said...
    Thanks Kc.. but hey, will you only back on that day? its still a long time from now.. please come before too, ya;)
    nisha said...
    Twinks, you're always so sweet and encouraging at commeting.. i missed you and your blog lots, i wasnt active myself... but hope you're well now.. and thanks for all that love and kisses you shower on Alisha.. its all blessings:))
    nisha said...
    Thanks robin.. i surely drop back but sometimes i miss out when am busy:)

    hope you dont mind and keep coming here.. ill drop by your blog soon, too:)

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