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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This may sound crazy, but its never completely impossible for a kid of 8 years to buy his membership through his moms pay pal account.. and Aryan, my son proved it right. Know what, i logged into my email for pay pal and found an email stating that a certain amount of money 'has been transferred to club penguin as per your request', a kids game site. I was dazzled at the first few words of the email but i soon realised it was true, still doubted the transaction couldn't have taken place without a confirmation or something.. so i signed into my pay pal account but found it was too late, my $$$ were already transferred to the site as a fee charged for a double membership at club penguin. A dollar means lots if changed to Indian rupees so you can understand what it meant.

My Aryan is a very clever boy and watches each and every move of mine on the PC.. he he.. i was in fits of anger that day, but planned to let him continue his membership with warning he is no more allowed to sign into my accounts and if he does, it will result in severe punishment. I also changed my auto sign in;).. Had this to gain quicker log in, due to the PC being slow. Now its a bit difficult but its a lesson learned again!

Well, on the club penguin site, i noticed, that by just being a free member he wont be able to take part in the games and other activities which he was longing for. So now while Aryan enjoys playing to his hearts content, his studies are also strictly attended to. I am glad he is able to balance both as 'too much work and no play makes Aryan a dull boy':)


  1. Syari said...
    You have to keep a close eye on kids, they are a lot smarter than they look. :)

    My brother drove our father's car when he was 4. No kidding.I was 6 and remember that day quite well. My father left the key on the kitchen table as he usually did. Somehow, my bro was gone for some time then came back and told me he drove the car. Of course I didn't believe him. Wanted to go to our grandma's place that evening. So we went to where my father parked his car. Sure enough, the car was a few metres at a small hill from where my father parked it. My bro got one hell of a beating that day.
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hey i felt so jealous to your son coz i dont even know how to use paypal i dont have one either hahaha

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