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Friday, September 26, 2008

I have seen people with piercings almost covering every part of the body and i always wonder what pleasure does it give a person. I have only three piercings, i mean one on my nose where i wear my gold nose pin and on my ears but i cant bare to think of a navel one or in some other part of the body! I always feel my hair raise when i see a piercing either on TV or real. It seems so unpleasant to the eyes, yet i cant understand how and why people pierce in places that can be extremely risky like inside the mouth. Whatever it is, if it looks and makes a person feel good, just take care of your piercing:)

When a piercing is done, it pains alot and on the next day it pains even more. I hope you agree friends? i must advice you to wash the area with warm water as you awake in the morning so that its clean of puss and clotted blood, after that don't forget to apply some good antiseptic cream ASAP. It should dry up within less than a month completely.

The mouth is the most important part you got to care for, so remember after eating and drinking, always wash your mouth with some alcohol-free, or antiseptic mouth solution.

But most of all, always make sure you use safely methods. You know what i mean? Never pierce with used needles and go for sterile methods. If you have pierced your skin lately, do let me know, and till then.. I will be back with lots more on body piercing soon:)


  1. Susy_Sui'Cide said...
    ` i ve only 'a pair of piercing'.. im wearing earings.. other then tat.. aouch... i really dont..`
    twinks said...
    Got my ears pierced.. and that's enough for me.. hehehe..
    I don't think I can take any pain anymore from piercing..hehe

    Btw, pls vote for me.. the poll is in my blog.. thanks :]
    bluedreamer27 said...
    just my one ear no more than that and i will never tried to pierced my other body parts gheeeh for me it wasnt that good fassion

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