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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As usual i was snacking on my daily portion on coconut yesterday, and suddenly i began to choke. It seemed i was going to die. I couldn't breathe and felt the pain of my food stuck in my throat stubbornly refusing to come out of my mouth but choke me so bad, causing me to cough away for about 15 minutes. Thank god i could vomit the food out after my husband patted my back. I know we have all felt choking at some time in our lives but it the first time i felt it seriously... that real extreme choking which almost made me experience near-death. So much, that while having my food today i took great precaution to ensure i wouldn't choke again today, chewing my food well, and swallowing well too. My kids seemed terrified watching their mother choke and i guess i know what my hubby went through too, but he was too comforting to let anything happen. I thank him and my lord above too.

This incident has really made me realize how important it is never to leave our kids alone while eating. Always assist them when they are eating foods like coconut, resins, other dry foods stuff. It would be better it we could be with them when they eating anything. I didn't even allow Alisha to have a bite of coconut today but i'm sure its just because am a bit shaken up and will resume my normality in two days :)

Experiencing death-like incidences are so common in my life, that sometimes i wonder if is it my guardian angel who is protecting me? :)


  1. Sultana said...
    Glad you got through it fine Nisha. Sure is a scary experience!

    Btw, the blue links on your blog are really hard to read. Perhaps you should change it to a much darker colour.
    waliz said...
    wow nisha, i'm glad nothing untoward incident happened to u. pls be more careful next time my friend.
    Anonymous said...
    Oh, I never know coconut can cause choke. All the while I think something big like fish ball, sausage, soft candy, etc.

    Thanks for sharing. I know how you felt as my boy also experienced it when he was celebrating his 3rd birthday.

    A piece of sausage stucked in his airway and his lips already turned blue.

    I blogged about it here:

    Till now I am still trauma when my boy eats sausage. I cut it into small pieces every time they bring to school.

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