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Friday, September 03, 2010

Its been two days i didn't come online much as i had a very tiresome shopping day before and oh god, my back still aches from all the walking around i did. The malls are all crowded esp because of the shopping being done for Id. I met many of our relatives at the malls and it was great fun. But because we had my mom-in-law, my bro-in-law and my sis-in-law and her husband and child(phew) along with us, i ended up not buying many of the things i planned to, but i also knew i would be going twice again as shopping for Id never ends till the last moment so enjoyed myself feasting too! Dinner out with my whole family is also a once in a blue moon opportunity, so made the most of it ;)

Just bought a few sets of clothes for Alisha and for Aryan, some make up, accessories, and a lot of feasting stuff. Haven't bought neither of our shoes and other accessories, plus i haven't completed mine and my husbands shopping too. Anyways, shopping never will never for this year and will definitely take me to the next, because next month will have to make it to the malls again, for Alisha's birthday and the month after that for my bro-in-laws wedding! then again for Christmas and new years! phew! already sweating it out! haha... did i forget to tell you about my planned vacation shopping in Nov? well wait for it in the upcoming posts ;)


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