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Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh am really so happy that i've been able to make some increase in weight gain since i was slightly underweight due to an illness and slowly recovering from it, but i've even gained little weight which was the latest aim or goal in my life, and that really, really makes me extremely happy knowing i can turn fat (not obese but healthy). I won’t mention how many pounds gained because i want to reach the goal before i post it along with how i was able to... so that it would be of great help to those many who wish to gain weight like me. I would list the foods i ate along with weight gained at the end of the weeks, and months. This would be specifically for Indians and am sure there are many in numbers dying to gain healthy weight, because believe me; there are plenty of underweight people looking to gain weight!

Since weight gain is about consuming those extra calories needed by the body to increase muscle mass, and no to forget mentioning because of my lack of appetite, the only option is to consume high calories to gain weight quick, i have to consume plenty of those high calories healthy foods which often bore me yet i enjoy eating at the though of how much i would gain before November. Now after consuming all these rich and high calorie foods, i would to some extent, pile up on loads of fat on places that would give me the bulky impression but soon i would begin exercising to shed of the excess fat and gain muscle mass in place. I think i've already succeeded to a great extent and looking forward to posting the results, once it’s over. So please come back soon :)

In the meantime read about my makeover mission for the big fat wedding ;)

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