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Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting ready to make coconut barfi because tomorrow is id-ul-fitr. It completes one month since Ramadan, and is celebrated to mark the ending of the holy month of fasting. I believe this year we are celebrating happier times than some of the years that went by. This year, god has showed me he is always answering our prayers but everything time comes to us in the right time. I believe my happy times had begun from the every start of this year 2010 and is never going to end.

After a whole month of fasting(not me but my hubby and in-laws) and feasting (i was obligated to doing so ;)) and shopping! it is now time to celebrate the festival of Id-ul-fitr with my family tomorrow. My mom in law will be preparing a lot of rich delicious dishes for tomorrow and i will be joining them for the feasting. Of course i'm also preparing Indian sweets, not much cooking though, on docs advice. We all will be then going out for continuous five days as part of our id celebrations. Wishing all my dear friends, close and distant, known and unknown, a very happy and fulfilling id :)


  1. Sultana said...
    Eid Mubarak Nisha!! :)
    callezee said...
    Belated eid wishes Nisha..

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