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Friday, September 03, 2010

I had bought this product, Ponds cream white magic duo set consisting of a face wash and cream(moisturizer) costing me Rs/-185, just few days ago on my shopping spree, and quite satisfied with the beginning results. Its hardly days i've used it, yet i feel my skin improving in health and complexion. You all may be wondering why do i need a fairness cream but i really don't care for my complexion and emphasize more on the health of my skin, because its a spot free skin and smoothness i desire. Too many spots have accumulated on my face due to the water we get here, too many harsh pimples too, but i guess the face wash and cream(moisturizer) should work well on my skin giving it flawless results.

I'm not a great buyer and user of skin care products anymore since years, because i hardly face the suns harsh UV rays and dust which makes my skin less vulnerable to acne, dirt and tan so i hardly bother. If necessary during summers, i would use natural home products if i have to care for my skin when pimples broke out.

I thought of giving creams a try once more and lets see what wonders it works. I'm just hoping my money isn't going to get washed away down the drain though i would still prefer 'Olay' in the winter season because during those cold months i would need an oily skin moisturizer as my skin tends to dry up and i think 'Olay' would do wonders. I have planned my daily skin care regime, what about you? what's your choice of products you use, why and how satisfied are you as a user?

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