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Saturday, September 04, 2010

I was watching a show on television few hours ago on colors channel, and couldn't help but be delightfully amazed by the performances. This was a talent show where participants show off their skills in the presence of a live audience and 3 judges. This couple went grooving on the floor like flexible barbie dolls and i must say, hats of to the lifts they handled amazingly and exceptionally well. The hair on my hands stood, watching these two dance as every move had a twist, and with every move my heart almost skipped a beat. Lol.. i got so inspired, i picked up my three year old Alisha and tried the lifts with her. Luckily it turned out well! I wish the video is posted on you-tube, and you should watch it too as it was so internationally performed. I'll post it later once it out.

I didn't know we also had amazing rappers in India and the judges also seemed oblivious to Indian rappers. Hmmm... India is full talents and i'm proud to be an Indian! Jai hind! :)


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