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Monday, September 06, 2010

Love watching horror movies as i may have already mentioned time and time again on my blogs and last night too, we watched bloody Mary, all alone in our living room! my husband slept in the bedroom... lol.. it was Aryan, my 10 year old son, and myself who tucked ourselves in on the couch to watch the horror flick as i didn't think twice to allow him stay awake that late, till 3 am, because he didn't have to go to school in the morning being a Sunday. So i got act 2 popcorn and some more snacks ready and began watching... and every time a scary scene played where the ghost of Mary appears all in soaked blood and scary make up, i covered my eyes with my fingers while i peeped at the screen from between them... hehe.. so you can already imagine what a funk i am but my Aryan is so brave he didn't even get a winks scared. When the scenes were over , he'd tell me "mummy, its over, you can open your eyes now".

I love the mysteries behind these movies which why i'm so drawn to them and i really don't love watching it because i fancy watching these zombies and ghosts. So are you a lover of horror movies too??


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