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Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking forward to receiving my earring from ebay which has already been shipped to my address many days ago. I obviously paid for it and now its on its way to me, its owner, so wont this make me really excited? also because its the first time buying something or rather shopping online and that too from ebay! while browsing, bidding and losing, i won this fasion jewelery earring i bid on. I'm not keen on bidding anymore as of now, at least not until i receive this item. I'll rather use the buy it now option than the bidding option because it hardly matters. I don't find bidding too much of a profit option unless a person bids for fun. If you begin bidding by 1 paisa or $1, and the bidding may stretch for 3 to 10 days, but by the time the bidding ends, you will be paying the same what you would pay to buy the item directly. So just be careful while bidding esp if its only for fun. Though i may advice 'you' my friends, i'm a first time eBay buyer myself, and always looking out for honest opinions to improve my online shopping experience :)


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