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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sometimes we may be warned about the side effects that some medicines or pills act on us but we pay no heed to the advice given by the news and warning over the television. The television is no doubt an idiot box and we are often times carried away by the advertisements but not always, sometimes we are aired things we mustn't overlook because not all information passed on by the media to us are false. Sometime in the news i came across this news that Crestor which was designed to lower cholesterol was actually equipped with the medicine to help a person on his way to death! Now, at times like these when risks are that high we sometimes don't know where to turn to, who would understand us that these injuries are not our fault and that these effects are the results of consummation of a trusted drug! But alas, we find no one to listen... Not anymore!

Now it’s very easy to file a Crestor lawsuit for something you need no feel guilty about! Information about Crestor- it was was marketed to treat high cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease, by AstraZeneca but it is it scientifically known to be linked to serious side effects! Rosuvastatin was also sold under the trade name R2.


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