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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I hate Networked Blogs! phew! they don't seem to auto syndicate the feed on time and if they do, hours later, or else some errors prevent the darn feeds from being pulled in at all, and i hate doing it manually! Think i got to move away to a new found island... Blovin is great! Cant rely on NB, tried but in vain... :-(

Every time i try to auto syndicate my feeds on to my Facebook and twitter but nothing doing, i still get the error email which frustrates me a lot because then i have to look it up and do a little of this and that, which i hate doing. I thought it was so easier... But Bloglovin is a community which not only notifies you of your favorite blogs being updated, can also use it to syndicate the feeds. So its a great new found community for me and you can try it too :-)


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