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Monday, September 12, 2011

On a night when the weather is just perfect, and a bowl of flavored butter pepper popcorn to go with it, what else could be the perfect way for family entertainment! nothing else for me, coz i get to comfortably cuddle up with family on the couch watching that much awaited flick on Tele or the latest movie released which i'm were lucky enough to get my hands on!

But one thing that irritates me is the fact that sometimes i'm actually out of stock for popcorn at home and especially when i'm just about ready to settle down, i find this out! No matter how much i tell my hubby to stock up packets, we always fall short of popcorn which happens to be my favorite movie snack! This is the time i think i should invest in a popcorn machine! I should pick the pop corn machine for home use which is affordable and ideal for smaller gatherings when i have visitors at home. The smaller 4 oz. machine is ideal for kids while the bigger 8 oz is ideal for entertaining elder guests.

Aside from popcorn machines i should also take interest in the cotton candy machines which is apt for my daughters taste buds, she loves candy. Epopcorn is the best online site for more information if you are interested in snack machines too. Machines for business uses are also available!


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    haha Mine is cheese ...
    but i had a very embarrassing experience about popcorn LOL
    well, i tried to cook popcorn all by myself and then when the popcorn starts popping up out from the pan.. Oh God, i freaked out and immediately asked help from our neighbor (mom and dad was not around ) since then, I stop cooking popcorn all by myself hehehe
    Nisha said...
    ehehehehehe... Blue, i exp something like that but only thing i didn't call the neighbors, i was showered and bathed with butter instead before i could take help! lol.. but that was years ago, now i'm an expert at it! lol... and i love to try out all flavors but somehow the butter pepper wins with me... hehe... all the someday you would be an expert too... hehe ;-)

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