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Monday, September 12, 2011

I have seen a lot of people talk about Karma on their status's on Fb and finally got to see it visiting someone in my own circle who has been very unfair with me over the years... it must have been an angel visiting when i came across the person which wasn't quite the case when i thought it was, and no one is ever saved from tasting karma. Its natures way of showing you what goes around comes around!!

The ground i was in a few years ago, i see the person standing on that ground looking towards me and i cant help but turn away coz i can actually do nothing about it and sometimes its good for people to learn a lesson they deserve.

Last but not the least thing i would like to say, i don't think i should be happy enough seeing the person in the helpless state they are in right now but i just cant help but convince myself that there is nothing i have done and its just karma's doings. That the sooner they realize how bad it hurts to be in the same shoes, the quicker would they be saved from bringing sins upon themselves by hurting others.


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