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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't know what made me say this despite the fact that i'm always a little saddened in life for reasons only known to my heart, my best friend in dark times like this. Its not like i lack anything in life but i also miss my mom aside other things, and its those memories that at times make me utterly sad, and depressed when i think i want to talk to her and share some of my deepest secrets with her but then i cant. So, if were with me today i would be many times happier... :-)

But somehow i'm not the one to discourage my friends when they're sad for whatever reasons, and i went ahead and commented on a friends status on Facebook, the lines below, and its so true that i meant it from my heart at that time and even now. Its because i also cherish the past and i have collected a lot of the happy times as precious memories which i do think of to help me deal with the painful present. I wish him (my friend) all the happiness in the world... :-)

Life is meant to cherish the happy past and not be saddened by it, experiences are never repeated because life is meant to discover and explore new experiences to add to your bouquet, which in times to come, will be your gathered basket of happiness... imagine all that happiness? :-)


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