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Friday, September 30, 2011

Was in for a shock yesterday when i tried logging into my blogger dashboard coz to my disappointment i was greeted with a page error! I had loads of pending work and was unable to connect to blogger... no site hosted on blog-spot was opening too. Was frustrating as ever and it was then i was regretting not having my self hosted on blog-spot! I wouldn't have bothered if there no assignments to be completed but then i did have and was in a dilemma whether i was the only one facing the issue or were there others too! I also posted a status on my Facebook wall but i guess none of my lovely friends did notice... hmmm.. as i always say everyone is busy updating their own, so its ok! I was relieved by my hubby in the morning, (its my morning the same time we have our lunch) who informed me as i awoke from my sleep that blogger was working fine so i need no worry any more. On hearing those words i jumped out of bed to check and only when i saw it with my own eyes was i relieved from heart! I gave a slight sigh and went on to do other house activities.

Thank god i did have a few hours in hand, its an added bonanza i guess... if not, i would have been doomed for sure! Thanks Social spark for the extended timing, and blogitive too!

Enjoy the pic below... lot of times i find myself positioned in the same situation! hehehe...


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