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Friday, May 01, 2009

Do you believe in astrology? well most of the things written and said are pretty accurate! According to my sun sign, Pisces- am reserved, selfless, compassionate, emotional, sarcastic, imaginative, diplomatic, intuitive etc etc.. and i feel as if am born to project a fish, a mermaid. Its so true that just like fish swim away away from the surface into the dept when its eye catches an object moving towards it, am just the same! Am a born swimmer without my fins, living in a humans body.. hehe..

Well, you should know am pretty mysterious too as people always tell me and that's so true because, i know myself. I am so much on the surface yet i am so deep into the sea. unpredictable, secretive.. lots more to me!

I hate to hurt people by some straight forward talk, most people exaggerate they love to be straight but i dont think its necessary when your loved ones are concerned. I prefer being diplomatic on things that could be deemed offensive or appropriate by them.

I am intuitive to extremes! i dont know how many incidents i've come across when am aware of things happening miles away. I also dont know... i just dont know why if there is someone who has hurt me to death, and i believe they did it, i always find them landing into trouble! oh god, its weird but its true! I guess i suppress to much..

So you see, astro is so strange and has its own mystery. How, when and where, only the stars can tell! There are hardly days when ive never seen my daily horoscope. I dont roll with the way things are written but somewhere i feel am just living according to astrology! So are you an astro freak too? hehe..


  1. Syari said...
    I'm a Leo Nisha. :) Oh yeah, I even got a Hindu astrology reading done by a Hindu priest.
    Anonymous said...
    OMG!!! This is such a strange piscean coincidence!
    I am a piscean who has written on sun signs quite recently too at

    I don't know why, but I am pretty straight forward!!! :)
    Moments In Time said...
    I believe when i was a teenager lol but not now.My sign is leo ;)If i am feelng down and has bad luck day i think i will read the newspaper astrology.
    AngelBaby said...
    I think astrology is very interesting but it doesn't always fit for me because I am on the cusp. I am half and half I think, it is fun to read the horoscopes. My daughter is a picean too and she is fun!

    Love and Blessings,
    bluedreamer27 said...
    im capricorn and my chinese horoscope was Dragon
    i enjoy reading tarots and horoscope cause for some reason it is sometimes true
    bluedreamer27 said...
    Happy Mothers day Nisha!!!
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hello nisha just dropping an Ec tody
    have a great day and happy blogging
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Hey Syari, i wonder what was the result of the reading ;)
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Choco! wow, thanks for the comment.. am the typical no- provoking or i'll spit venom types! hehe
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Moments in time.. i still believe in it, and i dont think i would want to stay without it for a day.. hehe :-)
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Angel baby, thanks for the comment dear.. i'm sure your daughters a delight, and i wish and know that as she grows, she'll be the best thing ever happening to her parents :-)
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Hi blue.. yeah dear, i guess the horoscope is fun to read and very much true on most occasions! Thanks for coming here always :-)

    Thanks for always stopping by with your wonderful comments, all of you too :-)
    Anonymous said...
    hmm, I share the same sign with you :)

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