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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I don't have a teen kid because both my kids are below the ages 10, so i don't have to focus on the 'teen age and their problems' right now, but i guess soon i would have to.. esp when there are issues concerned with teen love. But there are many other parents who have problems with teens in love, so here the question is should we leave them to themselves or should we intervene and guide them? well its obvious we got to guide our kids but make sure we don't force our minds too much on to them.

There are things and phases a teen would have to encounter when he/she is dating or is in love. There would amounts of money spent on gifts, late nights, sleepless nights, excess dieting, heart-breaks, hours of chatting over the phone, internet, and loss of interest in normal activities! what parents should do in this case?

According to me, we should use this as the best time to know our kids better and guide them the right way.

Get your child involved with family activities and discuss the importance and benefits of normal clubbing, academics or sports.

Suggest that spending less on gifts is a good idea and that, the same money can be saved up for later or used for better expenses. Also advice that gifts that are simple and not meant to be worn on the body will be reciprocated well by their partner, esp if your kids in a new relationship. This wont taken too personally, leading to matters of more intimate relationships. But if in steady relationship, personal gifts will be valued and treasured.

Kids of this age don't see the world as adults, so we should be careful not to hurt them and respect their real feelings, no matter how unrealistic the relationship might be.

Keep an eye on their activities and who, when and where but respecting their privacy! Better idea would be to involve and enjoy yourself in their interest and activities so that you are aware of the happenings.

Be open and don't point fun their relationships for they might turn secretive about their activities and their relationships in the future, making it tougher for you as a parent.


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