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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's a new template for blogger which is free to download and am looking forward to some honest feedback whether positive or negative, both are welcome.. i also don't mind some suggestions from the users so that i can carry on creating templates and improving each time..

I love playing around with my photo shop software and my own blogs template so i just created a few to replace with my own blogs layout and somewhat loved the get up. I wont say its awesome, but something different than what i've seen around. Hoping someone does hop by to download and try it and maybe they'll like it.. hehe.. so if you do find some problems with it, let me know and also don't forget to leave your link so that i can get a view of how it looks on your site :-)

The theme that came to my mind while creating this was about 'holidaying for couples' so i named it the 'Beach Love'.. hehe.. but then this temp can be used for personal use or another uses close to personal, summer, holidaying, love, health, nature and lots more!

Demo | Download

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  1. Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    nice layout.
    good job ^_^
    you r very talenteda

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