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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I remember some years back i positively finalized my desires to straighten my curly hair one day, because i admired straight jet black hair and mine is the opp! i purchased this straighter and tried it after wetting my hair damp but that resulted in wavy, messy strands instead of silky soft strands. I then gave up after thinking i'll never succeed that way unless i get it professionally permanently straightened and i can do with just my blow dryer for the time being. I dint know that i was using it on wet hair which is not recommended and obviously within a few hours of the hair drying, the result would be scary! haha.. Those were years ago, i still have the wish to straighten my hair temp but waiting for an occasion to come up as an excuse... :-)

Few remedies worth your time and money but are for temp straightening only.. to straighten permanently you will have to opt for the chemical process... :-)

An effective home remedy when there is no alternative:
A hot clothes iron would work fine if nothing is available or your straighter gives up on you. That should come very handy when you've got an important meeting or date and no time to head to the beauty parlor. Lay your hair out flat on the ironing table and iron only the portions below your ears to the ends and be very careful. Don't burn your self or take the iron to close to your skin.. and if you do, don't blame me, i already warned you!

Other options:
Use a hair dryer and a styling brush to comb through your hair while its still damp. A blow dryer would also do fine after a hot water bath.

I've heard that there are diff types of straighteners available in the market like chrome-plated metal irons to gold-plated ones and of course the newest technology, ceramic ones. The ceramic one is known to eliminate frizz and minimize static. So try and research on whatever product you buy and buy the best one!


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