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Friday, May 15, 2009

Hmm... well yesterday was my son, Aryans birthday and he turned 9 years old which hits me, am turning older too! hehe.. well just by years and not by heart.. i heard a person turns younger as she/he steps on her 30th birthday!? well i'm not yet 30 yet so i guess i'm still growing ;)

OK, so we celebrated with close relatives and friends, not a big affair though, but it was well entertained by me the host, and my guests loved the delicacy's i prepared.. i prepared Chinese!! hehe.. It was the most awaited day for Aryan since this month had begun and there wasn’t a day his excitement didn’t increase. You know how kids get excited at the thought about a party, cakes, gifts etc etc.. we enjoyed the day :-)

About Aryan, my pregnancy and his birth.. going back in time.

Aryan loves playing games on the pc, hes a genius when it comes to it:-). Hes also mischievous and chats with my sister(his aunt of course) from my yahoo, and once told her i'll be reaching her home in five mins(she was waiting for me) and she was bugged with me when i dint turn up and wasn’t receiving the calls coz i was still in the bath!!!

I remember when i was admitted to the nursing home, i was over-date and my doc was furious with me, told me if i was over date and wasn't uncomfortable with unusual pains etc.. i should have checked up earlier. Thank god i've never had to have a c-section, and i always preferred normal delivery to a c-section! I even cried during both my deliveries when i was told i was at risk for normal due to low BP! Believe or not, the people, my relatives thought am crazy to be crying for normal, where as people opted for c-sections these days! I was avoiding the nurses at the nursing home even though i was in pain and they had to check on me from time to time.. but everything went well and Aryan was born after three days of continuous contractions and many hours of actual labor:-)

I was always extraordinary and my greatest strength is the determination i posses :-)

PS. this was a post i had written yesterday but wasn't able to publish because of my terrible internet connections.. :-)


  1. Lynn said...
    belated happy birthday to Aryan. all the best. :)
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Thanks Lynn.. how sweet of you :-)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    oh happy birthday to him
    just dropping by here again have a great day and happy blogging
    liza said...
    Happy belated to Aryan! Three days of labor! I admire your determination sistah.

    Glad to hear that despite being so busy, you are alright. Have a great weekend.
    Future Mama said...
    Beautiful post, beautiful family! I'm loving your blog!! Thanks for sharing!
    Cecile said...
    You are such a braved woman! I cannnot believe three days labor you went to! Very determined woman, I admire you for that, dear :-).

    Belated Happy Birthday, Aryan!

    Thanks for the visit and comment as well!
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Hi blue dreamer.. Thanks for the wishes.. same to you dear, always :-)
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Liza and cecile.. thanks for leaving your precious comments sisters..

    It was a painful exp!!.. three days of those contractions, plus the position of the baby wasn't right so they were waiting.. and a few hours of actual labor :-)

    I guess God blessed me with no problems during Alisha's birth.. they induced and i delivered in two hours :-)
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Future Mama.. Thanks for the wishes.. it's really my pleasure to have you visit here.. i was over at your blog and i was greeted with such loving warmth.. love your blog too :-)
    eden said...
    Belated happy birthday to Aryan. wish him all the best.

    i enjoyed reading your posts and thank you for your comment.
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Thanks Eden.. its a pleasure to have you come by, on my blog :-)
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Nisha, Happy Belated Birthday to Aryan. May he stay healthy and happy always!

    You are a strong and great mother!
    three days of continuous contractions??? can't imagine how exhausted you were at those days!

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