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Monday, May 25, 2009

I've just watched the IPL 2009 which took place at Johannesburg, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore were beaten by the Deccan Chargers who have won the second IPL Trophy.

I was mesmerized by the glitz and glamour of the closing ceremony with all the fireworks in contrast to the African/Indian indo/fusion music. Spectacular performances by Akon, Eddy Grant, Katrina Kaif, Shaimak Daver, and others.

Katrina looked beautiful in a white gown with dazzling jewelery to complement the white. She danced gracefully to the song 'Jai Ho' from the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire', and kept dancing till the end with the male guest star, Akon. I was joking that Salman Khan might be glued to his Tele screen.. hehe..

The crowning of the Bollywood SA contestant winner also took place and she looked stunning in a red attire with red and white diamonds to match.

The drummers, the dancers, the electrifying firework's, the lighted fire lanterns, the musical programmes.. The whole presentation rocked!

The IPL season 2009 ended with a presentation ceremony for the winning cricket team.

I don't have pics of the IPL ceremony right now.. but i'll post them as soon i get them :-)


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    wow i like your new layout nisha
    Nisha and baby Alisha said...
    Thanks Blue, my friend, but i guess ive changed it to this one now.. i've kept the beach one for my love blog and also submitted to a template site for free downloads!! :-)

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