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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My cousin Michelle who is a few years younger than me is working as a nurse and i don't see one reason why she isn't the typical socialite type of female. I admire her courageous trait and am so proud to be her cousin. She's always completely engrossed with her work life, wakes up early hours and runs to the nursing home whenever she's needed, apart from her actual daily schedule. When i see how loving she is, i wonder what it would feel like to be in the shoes of a nurse, dealing with the numerous sickness's and caring for the impatient and diff types of sick patients.

I also wonder how many of you out there have the interest to become a nurse or to know about the life of one. Scrubs does a great favor to us by taking us into the insight of a nurses life. How would i ever know that we can live every topic associated with our normal lives, through a nurses guide to living! Wonderful, is it? now you can even work wonders on your skin, love, work, money, entertainment or any aspect of your life through a healthy and wise lifestyle.

While going through scrubs, i came across an article that deeply touched me which had a new nurse write to say that patients sometimes ask her to pray in fear. The reply was positive as ever from a senior nurse who claims she too, did feel surprised and awkward when her patient, an old man, asked her to pray for him in front of all the other staff. She said, she did whatever would calm her patient. I can relate to both the nurse's and would feel the same if i was a nurse too. I would feel happy and think that there is no harm and shame in praying with a patient no matter which religion we come from, if it gave hope and calmed a patient in times of acute pain and fear.



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