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Monday, May 11, 2009

The searches on the web are open to everyone, and we all know that How to start blogging is one of the highest searches, and for many reasons, either to make money online or people are interested in knowing whats a blog and ways to get started.

Search for blogs on Google's search engine which returns the best of the blogs as results. Now look out for blogs which match your interest of whether for business purposes or personal use. Doesn't have to necessarily be the best of blogs that catch the eye, but also blogs that have high content value could come in good use for you but they may not always show up on the main page of Google's index. You will find this out the sooner you read and link to blogs that match the same category of your blog.

Read some of the content on the blogs to know whats being talked about most, the bloggers always love focusing on the current events, topics etc.. these come in handy a lot for their sites to be indexed in a good position on the search engines. Remember that the title and main keywords you choose related to your blog are important and should be used as the blogs main focus.

Once you've also set up your own blog, you can connect to plenty of other blogs through a few blogs, that's because almost every blog is linked to other blogs related to their content. For example; a pregnancy blog would have plenty of other pregnancy sites linked to their site through a blog roll. You can also get yours linked by being a daily reader to blogs.

Leave comments or rather honest opinions on the posts that seem interesting to you, soon you will find comments on your blog too.

Use a feed to subscribe to information that will be sent to your mail without you having to search for it. Let readers subscribe to your blog too, so that they receive your updates easily.

Before you begin blogging you need to chose a platform and here you will find some use information regarding 'CHOOSING THE IDEAL BLOG PLATFORM by Paul Chaney, blog consultant (www.radiantmarketing'. A few weeks and you will be much into blogging :-)


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    thats one indication that many people were getting hook with blogging sensation
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    happy blogging

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