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Friday, October 14, 2011

With brain fluctuations as if a light bulb keeps flashing in my head which pains, fever, vomiting, cough and body-aches i'm going to go insane in the next few days! i sense so many things about to happen to me... but i don't want to repeat another year of treatments and torturous medicines so what going to happen only the one above knows! This year hadn't really taken off well with lot of incidents occurring and too many snakes to handle but somehow managed to wade through it all with quite ease, as least i'm where i am without being harmed! I realized it's not God who's given us tough times but it's our own actions and decisions in life which places us in the position we are in....

We don't blame God when good and satisfactory things happen to us and thank him for the contentment... but we blame him for not listening and answering our prayers in unpleasant times, but what we don't realize is that, what is life if there is no suffering... after all one learns from mistakes when temptations strike and gains from the pains you endure!

Whatever it is, i hope and pray for happier times ahead... Happy Sat/Sunday everyday! :-)


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