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Friday, October 21, 2011

Seems like it raining too many hailstones on my this year again. The weather is not at all good to me, coz even though it rains heavily nurturing mother earth, i'm not being nurtured but shattered to pieces! Fever, aches, and cough seems to have raided my body giving me the chills of never-ending 'missing you's'... i miss so many people in my life at the point of time when i don't even know which shall win over, life or death! All i can do is pen down and vent out....

Every time i think of new life, i never even next to it and my life turns bitter with every new chapter i begin with... for every chapter i flip over has its bitter sweet memories, and its lessons taught and learned. But i don't want to talk about chapters now, its about my health which i've always been neglecting wasting my energy on useless things! Got to incorporated a healthy lifestyle once again into my daily routine for how it was last year, i would have been mellowing in glad tidings by now... for me to hint and you to understand ;-)

And once again i will have to withdraw from certain things i walked into too hastily without thinking... i will not walk away but give time to myself and everyone else to understand what is what before finally deciding further...


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