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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Miss my sister baby sis Amanda(Mandy) who turns sweet 16 today and wondering what shes doing today as she might be celebrating her birthday at the boarding but i wont be able to wish her, coz when we are not even able to meet her, talk to her, or even share sisterly affection being so close yet so far... i wont be able to wish her but on this day i would like to tell her to reach for the stars, never settle for less, and live life to it's fullest.. i'm sad i cant wish you but i did dream about it which means I live reality in dreams, strange but true... we'll be together some day, and we'll make up for all the sisterly love, and fights we missed...and want her to know i'm thinking about her and that i love and care for her... :) :(

Update-, 27th Oct
The day isn't over so i wish you dear sis, Happy Birthday once again... God bless you Mandy, may you pass out of school with flying colors and i wish you all the happiness of the world... i'm happy for you, even though your are away and i miss you so much and i keep remembering your childish habits and love for dance, and music like me, but you've got to study hard and reach new heights we'll all be proud of... its a whole year since i've met you and dying to see you again... we might be away from each other but you're always in my heart, in all our hearts... we share a bond that nothing can sever, always remember this... i know one day we'll be reading this together and i want to say, i still remember how i danced in the middle of the fields in school on this day many years ago when i heard of your birth! i was overjoyed coz you were what i always wanted, a younger sis, and dint get peace until i saw you for the first time on reaching home from school... Alisha resembled you as a baby! you both looked like Chinese dolls, pink, chink and chubby, and i see you in her when i miss you but i need you sis! So be good, girl, study hard and stay away from trouble... i hope your day was filled with lots of love and laughter... take care, from all of us here :-)


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