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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One more week to go for Alisha's 5th Birthday! The day a Chinese angelic looking pinkish baby seemed as if dropped into my arms from the heavens above on the 18th of Oct. She bought into my life much delight and happiness and today whatever is left of my happiness is because of her. A girl had always been my dream and so was my dream fulfilled by the one above whom i know has a hand in one of my greatest dreams coming true. I never knew what was to be born a girl or boy but longed for a girl and it was strange that though i never really knew what gender was taking form in my tummy i had already kept a name ready for her. Not once did did i think a boy would be born, as i always referred to "she" and "her" while talking about the baby inside me. I already had my son and now longed for a daughter whom i could dress and she was born much to the image of what i had of her!!

I would to share my birth story, and i will, so my dear readers do tune into my blog for a mothers birth story of her Angel on the 18th of Oct! Cya all for now........ :-)

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  1. Shydub said...
    advance happy birthday to you little lady Nisha. it sure is time flies by really fast.

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